Energy Services Debtor In Possession (DIP) Financing

Oilfield Companies receiving DIP financing have a shorter reorganization period and are more likely to emerge from the Chapter 11 process quicker. Transfac Capital’s experienced staff and legal team have provided DIP financing to several oilfield companies including gas and oil trucking, Oil and gas manufacturing, and gas and oil service companies. Transfac Capital can be your solution and will provide DIP financing up to $5 million dollars.

Transfac Capital has been financing Gas and Oil businesses since 1942. Sometimes that means that we need to work with clients during a time of reorganization.For companies considering or already in a reorganization plan, having a strong and experienced financial partner can be crucial to the success of the plan.

Most businesses are unable to sustain themselves through the initial phases of a Chapter 11 filing without sufficient availability of cash. Transfac Capital can assist by providing post petition liquidity for a company to pay payroll and other operating expenses during the reorganization process.


Transfac’s profession management of the AR process will provide the following benefits:

  • Transfac will provide credit management on company’s account debtors; freeing up management to focus on making the company more efficient and increasing revenue.
  • Transfac will do light collections and, as with most customers, should improve Days Sales Outstanding and cash flow.
  • Transfac can free up billing and cash application for our clients; further improving cost side of the operation.
  • Trustees and creditors appreciate working with a professional and experienced accounts receivable manager like Transfac.


Transfac can fund within 72 hours of receiving an application package. Take a moment to have a conversation with one of our qualified representatives to see if your company or client would benefit from Transfac’s services and funding during their reorganization.With just basic information about the company and their customers, Transfac can present a proposal.

If your company is in need of a DIPS option contact us today.

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