Energy Services Purchase Order Financing

If a Oilfield client experiences a significant delay between an order and its completion, their cash flow is affected. We can advance funds on a purchase order and when the invoice is created, finance the account receivable. The client will be able to pay the expenses and service their customer.

As a secondary source of liquidity, Transfac works with its Gas and Oil  Accounts Receivable clients to provide funding for order fulfillment. If a client has a purchase order from one of their customers, Transfac can assist by sending money to vendors needed to fulfill the purchase order. When the product is ready for delivery to the customer, Transfac will fund the subsequent account receivable and pay off the purchase order advance.

Purchase Order Financing is just another benefit of working with an experienced company like Transfac. Contact us to today to see how we can assist you and your business.

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