Choosing a Factoring Company

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Factoring companies are financing companies that buy your credit invoices from you. These companies then proceed to wire the invoice amount to your bank account within 24 to 48 hours. The Factoring companies retain a ‘factoring fee’ from the invoice amount as their service fees. This fee could range depending on the arrangement that you have with your Factoring company. This money can be extremely useful for you to pay your fuel and servicing bills, your employees’ salaries and can even fund your expansion plans. Your Factoring company could also arrange to collect the payment from your clients on the due date. However, it is essential to locate the right Factoring company for your trucking business, since your reputation too could suffer due to the misdeeds of the factoring company.

You can compile a list of probable Factoring companies by looking up the Internet or checking various advertisements placed in related to trade magazines. If any of your friends can refer a factoring company, then it could be better. Always double check the factoring company, before tying up with them. You should always choose a company with experience in working with your industry and companies with similar needs as yours. This will eliminate any trial-and-error processes during the setting-up phase. Since, your clients will also need to be informed of your partnership with the factoring company; you will need to ensure that they are comfortable with the new arrangement. The Factoring company’s staff should be polite and tactful, while handling your clients. They should not be harassing your customers while there are collecting on invoices.

The ideal Factoring company should also have enough funds to wire the amount into your account within the decided time limit. They should not delay any payments or provide lame excuses for the delay on a regular basis. They should also not insist on a long-term contract, since this might prevent you from parting ways, in case you are not comfortable with the arrangement. The factoring fees should be reasonable, but this rate should not be the only criteria, while making your choice.

The factoring company should also have the latest data on hand, so that there is no confusion regarding collection of payments. The factoring company should be easily accessible over the phone, fax and email and should communicate promptly in case of any problem. There should be one or two answerable people in your factoring company that are personally involved in handling your account. The company should also have the ability and investors and own resources to grow along with your company. The factoring company should also not withhold any additional sum from your invoice, until your client pays up. They should pay you the entire invoice amount minus the factoring fee immediately. Inquire with some of their regular clients to get an accurate feedback about the factoring company’s quality of service.

You should thus conduct a proper research into the credentials of all the prospective Factoring companies, before deciding on the ideal Factoring company that suits your business. The right Factoring company can hence put an end to your cash flow problems and enable you to haul away smoothly. To find out more about Transfac Capital factoring please visit our website